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  3. 【イベント情報/Event information】Nakazekamp Bera Bera Night

【イベント情報/Event information】Nakazekamp Bera Bera Night

【10/15  18:30〜21:00 Nakazekamp Bera Bera night】

Please come and join Nakazekamp Bera Bera night! How about cooking international dishes in the kitchen together. The Cooking theme is ‘Potato’ !! There are thousands of recipe of potato in the world. In Netherlands you can eat the best fried potato ‘ Petat’. This time we will make “Petat” with original Fritessaus. Please bring your tent with you. Participants who will join this event can stay free this night. (Event Entry fee is necessary) English,French, Dutch and Spanish etc. Any languages are okay, But try to speak not Japanese!!